Programming and Guests!

Vendors and Panels and Costumes, OH MY! With the continuation of the two day event, the logical path will be to include more in the lines of programming. Below you will find information about our guests as well as highlighted events through the day. At the bottom will be a link to the virtual program guide as soon as it is released! Use that link to see what's going on, what is upcoming as well as additional information about the amazing programming of Fargo Moorhead Comic Con!

2024 Special Guests:

Guests To Be Announced!

Be sure to support our guests by attending their panels and purchasing an autograph or picture. They have come a long way to be a part of our convention so show them how much we appreciate them.

Cards Against Humanity Comic Artist SMACKDOWN

Cards Against Humanity Comic Artist SMACKDOWN!

Fan Favorite FMCC Original Event!!!

The FMCC Original returns, this year STAR WARS Edition!! You MUST be an adult (18+) or have parent/guardian constant supervision to be at this event, no exceptions! If you wonder why this rule is in place, you’ve probably never played Cards Against Humanity… Let the humor of the Dark Side flow through you.

NOTICE: FMCC, the staff and artist volunteers are not responsible for any scarring or corruption of your mind or representative characters used in this event.

Programming Schedule

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con

Cosplay Costume Contest!

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con Cosplay Contest

FMCC features a cosplay costume contest with KIDS and ADULTS categories! There are categories for Store bought (with extra points for performance!) and fan-made with special notice for advanced craftsmanship.

FMCC will also feature ROVING COSTUME PRIZES for the best costumes just roaming the event, each and every hour! Dress the part and escape at FM Comic-Con!

The Cosplay Costume Contests are for kids and adults. It is for costumes created, modified or purchased but extra points for originality, presentation, ingenuity and craftsmanship. Prizes will be given in each area. Comic costumes are the norm, but many have been featured in comics in some way? SUIT UP!


Games are presented by ValleyCon/FMCC and Zach Nienas with ZN GAMING! Games are open to all so please enjoy and look forward to much more gaming.

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con Mario Kart Smash Brothers Tournament

Mario Kart & Super Smash Brother's Tournaments with prizes! Games running ALL-WEEKEND!

Lego Build!!!

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con Mario Kart Smash Brothers Tournament

Check out the open build tables as well as the master lego sets built by the host of the room. Use your imagination and see what you can build. Open to ALL AGES, even those of you adults who want to reminisce to the days of your childhood building legos.