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Feb. 23rd - 24th, 2019

Ramada Fargo
(Same Location, New Name)
3333 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103


Vendors and Panels and Costumes, OH MY! With the continuation of the two day event, the logical path will be to include more in the lines of programming. Check out the schedule for the two days for all of the programming for the event!

2018 Special Guest(s):

Phil Hester Headshot
Phil Hester - Award Winning Comic Book Artist

Phil lives in rural Iowa with his wife and two children. He began working in comics while attending The University of Iowa. He graduated with a BFA in drawing with minors in sculpture and painting. He has worked for nearly every comic book publisher in the last 15 years and is coming up on his 300th published comic.

Phil’s past work includes: Swamp Thing, Detective, The Crow: Waking Nightmares, The Coffin (writer), The Wretch (‘96 Eisner Nominee), The Creeper, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Brave Old World, Fringe, Rust, Namor, Taboo, The Picture Taker (writer), Attitude Lad, Deadline USA, Negative Burn, Clerks: The Lost Scene and lots, lots more.

His current and upcoming work are as follows: Green Arrow, The Holy Terror, Deep Sleeper, Firebreather and The Operation.

He is nice and likes nice people.

  • Phil Hester
  • Phil Hester
  • Phil Hester

Follow Erik on Twitter: www.twitter.com/philhester.

For more information and artwork, see the article on Bleeding Cool: A Career Retrospective With Phil Hester.

2017 Additional Guests & Creators:

Noel "Scotch" Anderson - Noel has drawn comics for Cracked Magazine and Hustler Humor. He also publishes his own line of humor comics. Noel is the local DJ for MIX 101.9 (previously Rock 102) and draws for the Fargo Forum three times per week.

Joel "MoJo" Moen - MoJo has worked as an assistant inker for DC and Marvel as well as for many independent publishers. Most notably for Dead Dog Comics as an editor, writer, inker for over 8 years.

Brad Thingvold - Brad has done several short stories and had an entry in Small Press Idol. He is currently working on a creator-owned project.

Fargo-Moorhead Comicon is proud to make ExtraLife for Sanford Children's Hospital it's main charity. 100% of charitable funds stays local!

2018 Special Programming: Paradox Comic Block:

Paradox Comic Block
The Paradox Comics Block - Saturday, February 24th 10:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • WIN prizes with trivia, coloring, and costume contests!
  • MEET Phil Hester and ask questions about his life in comics!
  • LEARN how to get into comics!
  • SEE what comics you could read right now!

It’s the biggest event at FM Comic-Con and you can’t miss a minute as Paradox Comics takes over the convention! From prizes to guests to panels and so much more, it’s the Paradox Comics Block and it’s the ultimate way to celebrate this great weekend!

    Comic Block schedule:
  • 10:30 am: Trivia, coloring, and costume contests begin
  • 11:00 am: How to start reading and what to read panel
  • 12:00 pm: Phil Hester creator panel
  • 12:45 pm: Prizes for the contests!

For more information click HERE! Be sure to also check out Paradox for your comic and gaming needs!

Programming Schedule


DOORS OPEN 10am Saturday Feb 24th!

Saturday: 10am-5pm & 7:30pm-Late!

Sunday: 10am-4pm!

FMCC admission is the best deal around!


SATURDAY DAYTIME PASS: $7 Adult; $5 6-12 yr.; 5 & under FREE!

SATURDAY EVENING (7PM-LATE): $5 Adults (not recommended for under 16!)

SATURDAY ALL DAY: $10 Adults (not recommended for under 16!)

SUNDAY ALL DAY (10am-4pm): $5 Adult; $3 6-12 yr.; 5 & under FREE!

ALL WEEKEND COMBO PASSES: Adult $10; 6-12 yr. $6; 5 & under FREE!

Panels and Programming!

8am-10am: Retro Saturday Morning! Enjoy cereal and milk with classic Saturday morning cartoons on the big screen before FMCC formally opens!

10am: FMCC OPENS! *Roving Costume Awards start!
E-Gaming opens!

10:30am: Trivia, coloring, and costume contests begin

11am: How to start reading and what to read panel

12 Noon: Phil Hester creator panel

12:45am: Prizes for the contests!

12pm-2pm: (IN COURTYARD) ValleyNewsLive Meet-n-Greet!

1:30pm: Prep for Kids Cosplay Costume Contest! All Entrants report to Event Room!


4pm: Cosplay panel! *Winning bids for Silent Auction announced! Learn more about cosplay and costumes, how to get into it (easily) and more!

5pm: Vendors and Artist Alley packs up for the night! Main Room converts for Pizza Feed!

5:30pm: Pizza Feed! We have limited tickets available for last minute, please see Reg!


7:30pm: Evening Cosplay Costume Contest! Teens and Adults compete! Storebought/kit-bashed and craftsperson categories!

9:00pm (Approx.): *Follows Evening Cosplay Costume Contest! Cards Against Humanity Comic Artist Smackdown! 3 groups (sign up at door) play CAH, everyone else gathers in audience to watch/chat/ have a cocktail... for each hand, the audience votes on the winning card from the 3 groups... whichever card is chosen is ten illustrated by our panel of participating comic artists! Then we show each incredible illustration on the BIG SCREEN and vote on a winner! After several rounds, we have a winning comic artist and some images that will be burned into your retinas for year to come!

Late: Party! DJ Flash keeps it busy in the Main Room, the hall area is kick back and Shinespark E-Gaming going strong!


8am-10am: Retro Sunday Morning! Enjoy cereal and milk with classic Saturday morning cartoons (on Sunday!) on the big screen before FMCC formally opens!

10am: FMCC OPENS! *Roving Costume Awards start! Yes, we do it on Sunday too!
E-Gaming opens!

10am-1pm: Funky Comic adaptations on the big screen! See some of the truly weird and wacky comic adaptations and thank your lucky stars they've gotten better!

1pm: Meet Phil Hester and additional workshop! If you missed Phil at the Paradox Comic Block on Saturday or just want to see more of him and maybe pick his brain, this is your chance! FMCC wants to also especially thank COMIC JUNCTION and PARADOX for helping to bring Phil Hester to FMCC!

2pm: TV & FILM ADAPTATIONS! Debate the best and worst! Find out how to see them all!

4pm: FM Comic-Con 8 CLOSES!

Cosplay and Costumes

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con Cosplay Contest

FMCC features a cosplay costume contest with KIDS and ADULTS categories! There are categories for Store bought (with extra points for performance!) and fan-made with special notice for advanced craftsmanship.

FMCC will also feature ROVING COSTUME PRIZES for the best costumes just roaming the event, each and every hour! Dress the part and escape at FM Comic-Con!

Games and Costume Rules:

Videogaming is presented by Nick Hanson and team! Games are open to all so enjoy!

The Cosplay Costume Contests are for kids and adults. It is for costumes created, modified or purchased but extra points for originality, presentation, ingenuity and craftsmanship. Prizes will be given in each area. Comic costumes are the norm, but many have been featured in comics in some way? SUIT UP!