ValleyCon 46 - Oct. 15-18 2020 | Ramada Fargo - Fargo, ND
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Special Registration!

The best way to purchase tickets to the ValleyCon Special Presentations is via this page. Due to the limited availability of these tickets we will be requiring an email sent to the address below for registration. You will be billed the proper amount via PayPal upon confirmation of ticket availability.

Please contact for availability of workshops and total costs.
RJ Haddy

RJ Haddy!!


R.J. is a professional makeup artist and more and he will be conducting workshops at ValleyCon! We’ve subsidized his workshops to reduce the cost to only $20 per workshop! Even bettwe is a ticket to a Workshop also includes a pass to ValleyCon for the day they take place! Normally costs almost that much by itself). We have a limited number of spots so ACT FAST and get your registration email in ASAP for the best chances at getting into a workshop!

SATURDAY 11:00 am

Facial Appliance Sculpture (1 hour)

This sculpture class will show the attendee how to avoid the pratfalls and obstacles in creating an appliance make up that demolds quickly and easily and safely. Also how to create a great prosthetic appliance from your sculpt. Utilizing one or more types of clay Rj will start a sculpture on a facial cast and explain the process through to the end.

RJ Haddy - Facial Appliance Sculpture Workshop

SATURDAY 4:00 pm

Bondo Transfer Appliance Make Up (1-1.5 hours)

Rj will demonstrate the creation and application of a bondo make up appliance Which are all the rage in Hollywood, right now. Used for old age character make ups as seen in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and very extensively on THE WALKING DEAD. This is an affordable and FUN new technique that every artist needs in his/her repertoire.

RJ Haddy - Bondo Transfer Appliance Make Up Workshop

SUNDAY 11:00 am

Foam Fabrication (1-2 hours)

Rj will illustrate how to use foam for costuming and puppetry purposes. Which foams to use, how to use them , how to glue and paint them. Very popular with cosplayers. This seminar can be tailored to solely Puppet builds or solely foam costume/armor construction or a mix of both depending on what the promoter wants to offer his/her attendees.

RJ Haddy - Foam Fabrication Workshop

At the Door:

Tickets will be available at the door ONLY if they don't sell out before the first day of ValleyCon!